ASUS Laptop DC Power Jack Repair - ASUS Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement

Creative IT, based in London, is a specialist nationwide ASUS laptop repair centre specialising in high quality ASUS laptop DC power jack repair and ASUS laptop DC power jack replacement services. At Creative IT, we are experts in troubleshooting and fixing all issues with loose or broken DC power sockets (power connector).

Specialists in ASUS Laptop DC Power Jack Repair and Replacement Services

Has you ASUS laptop DC power jack (power socket / power plug) snapped off or broken? Do you have a loose power connection on your laptop computer? Is your laptop battery not charging? Is your DC power socket or AC power plug not functioning? Do you experience no power when you plug your laptop in? Several laptop repair centres will inform you that the only means to fix these issues is to replace the whole motherboard. Replacing a defective DC jack can save you hundreds of Pounds in comparison to the price of a new motherboard. We can fix loose sockets, jacks with broken centre pins and even power sockets that have been entirely snapped off by means of specialised tools.

Symptoms of Faulty DC Power Jack / DC Power Socket

ASUS Laptop DC Power Jack Repair

Symptoms indicating the laptop DC power jack (DC power socket) might be faulty include: dead laptop (no power at all), intermittent charging or battery wouldn't charge, burning smell from the DC power jack region, laptop backlight flickers while charging, laptop all of a sudden changes from battery to AC power, DC jack is loose or broken, AC adapter not powering or charging the battery, battery charging LED flickers when the tip of the AC adapter is moved, laptop continuously remains on battery, you have to move or wiggle the power cord around until the laptop accepts external power, battery charging is not indicated, charging LED does not turn on, laptop shuts down all of a sudden and laptop may revert to battery power even though the AC power adapter is connected.

As part of our London ASUS laptop DC power jack repair services, we can carry out a diagnosis and accordingly repair your existing power socket or replace your faulty or broken DC power jack with a new high quality DC power jack. Our experienced technicians have good knowledge to remove your defective or damaged DC jack from the notebook motherboard and then solder back a new original DC jack onto the laptop motherboard. If the charger cable is forcefully pulled or unintentionally tugged out, the pins inside the DC power jack can be bent, damaged or broken.

Nationwide Pick up and Delivery ASUS DC Power Jack Repair and Replacement

Simply bring your ASUS laptop that shows signs of a DC power jack failure to our repair centre in Victoria, London and our knowledgeable engineers will find effective solution to all your power socket problems. For your convenience, Creative IT is open six days a week (Monday - Saturday) from 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.. We do offer a nationwide pick up and return service. We will make arrangements to collect your laptop, fix it and deliver it back to you. We can generally provide same or next day DC power socket repair and replacement services.

Our 3 Months Warranty

All our ASUS laptop DC power jack repair and ASUS laptop DC power jack replacement work is guaranteed! We are pleased to inform our customers that all our services come with a 90 days return to base warranty for labour and parts supplied.

How to reach Creative IT

Creative IT laptop repair is located at 10 Greycoat Place in Victoria. The nearest station to our store is St. James's Park. Victoria coach, railway and underground stations are located within walking distance to reach any destination in London.

Please get in touch with us should you have any questions regarding our same day London ASUS laptop DC power jack repair and ASUS laptop DC power jack replacement services. Simply call us on 020 7394 2521 or email us at to make an appointment that suits your schedule. Clients can also complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you at the earliest to discuss your laptop problem.